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Trump Defiles the World
Leadership Role
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Bad Karma is God’s revenge for willful
sinful acts.  
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John McCain Returns to Washington With a Message
“I’ve stood in this place many times and addressed as president many presiding officers. I have been so addressed when I have sat
in that chair, as close as I will ever be to a presidency. “It is an honorific we’re almost indifferent to, isn’t it. In truth, presiding
over the Senate can be a nuisance, a bit of a ceremonial bore, and it is usually relegated to the more junior members of the
majority. “But as I stand here today – looking a little worse for wear I’m sure – I have a refreshed appreciation for the protocols
and customs of this body, and for the other ninety-nine privileged souls who have been elected to this Senate.        
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WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is warning cities that they risk losing millions in grant
funds if federal immigration authorities are not provided access to all local detention centers to
determine the status of suspected illegal immigrants.  
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Trump Obsessed!
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Take Our
Who Can Really Lay Claim to these Lands?
Confessed and Acknowledged Trump Supporters - David Duke and the KKK