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The latest GOP effort to repeal and replace "Obamacare" was fatally wounded in the Senate Monday night
when two more Republican senators announced their opposition to the legislation strongly backed by President
Donald Trump.

The question is: Why and how could Donald Trump promise the American people that he would repeal and
replace the Affordable Care Act upon taking office when he didn’t have a clue as to what the health care bill was
all about? His claim of providing a better, cheaper health care system was just another Trump fantasy to garner
support for his repeal ambitions.

A quick guess is Trump wasn’t looking to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, he was focused on
“Obamacare”. Trump like millions of Americans didn’t know that they were one and the same.

Donald Trump is obsessed with destroying the political legacy of Barack Obama and is committed to doing it at
any cost.

Despite reports from the CBO and rejections by Republican Senators, Trump still thinks his party will support
his obsession to rebuff Barack Obama. “I’m sitting here with pen in hand just waiting for my Senate to send me
the bill to sign’. Well just sit on brother, it will never happen.

Trump inspired racism in his base supporters with his constant criticism of Barack Obama. “I will repeal and
replace the disastrous Obamacare on day one upon taking office”. It’s a sad commentary but most of Trump’s
supporters thought that “Obamacare” was legislation enacted to give lazy “Blacks” free health care.

America, listen up! Blacks represent a mere 14% of the US population. Forty-two million persons. Of that 42
million over 30 million are gainfully employed or are entrepreneurs earning an above average living. Among the
remaining 12 million are the elderly, retirees, students, and babies.  

When it comes to repealing the “Affordable Care Act” there is push back from all corners, primarily from white
voters, “Don’t take away our health care”.   

New York's top elected Democrats rallied against the Republican Congress' proposals to repeal and replace the
Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, saying they will take legal action, if necessary, to stop it. State
Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, speaking before a crowd of unionized health care workers at Mount Sinai
Hospital, said if the plans to repeal and replace Obamacare in the GOP-led Senate and House do become law, he
will sue on behalf of New Yorkers. “I’ve developed a bit of a reputation as the guy who sues Donald Trump
and the federal government,” Schneiderman said to cheers. “Always on the merits, and boy, have we got a lot of
merits on our side.”

Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf: "This is a sad issue for millions of Pennsylvania families who now continue to worry about
their access to health care. I will continue to fight to save health care access and consumer protections that help
protect the health and financial security of Pennsylvanians. This shallow and shameful attempt to score political
points at the expense of the sick, poor, elderly and disabled will not soon be forgotten."

At least a half-dozen GOP senators have now expressed public or private concerns about the party's current
trajectory. Their worry: Republicans will be blamed for wreaking havoc on the health care system and causing
people to lose their coverage without any assurance they have a superior — or any — plan of their own.

The United States of America, the greatest country the world has ever known is divided and misguided by
racism and most recently nepotism.

At the end of World War II, countries of the world split into two factions. The leader of Communist nations
was the Soviet Union and the non-communist nations or the democratic ones came to be known as "free world"
countries with the United States as leader as it was and is the principal democratic superpower. The United
States was and still is the most powerful of all democratic states. Its government took the lead in world affairs,
provided aid to war-torn European countries. The economy in the US was booming, people wanted to live like
the Westerners. Moreover, there was a free economy. So, the US was looked up to and the President of United
States by way of extension becomes the leader of the free world
The term became more widely used against the USSR and its allies during the 1950s in the Cold War era, when
the U.S. depicted a foreign policy based on a struggle between "a democratic alliance and a communist realm set
on world domination".

Since the 2016 election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, more American, Canadian and
European media outlets and commentators have ascribed the title "leader of the free world" to Chancellor Angela
Merkel. Donald Trump's failure to affirm Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty and U.S. withdrawal from the
Paris Agreement sparked a new round of media pronouncements of Angela Merkel as the Leader of the Free
World. This is the price America and the free world is paying because of Donald Trump’s obsession with
delegitimizing Barack Obama.

The Affordable Care Act certainly needs attention and the broken issues need fixing. It is the culmination of the
efforts of many previous US presidents including Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry Truman,
and Bill Clinton among others. The legislation was finally made a reality by Barack Obama, a Black man whom
Donald Trump went all out to deny his American citizenship and to this day indiscriminately reverses Obama
executive orders regardless to who it hurts, just to defame him.

The theory of karma can be thought to be an extension to Newton's third law of action and reaction where every
action of any kind including words, thoughts feelings, the totality of our existence, will eventually have a
reaction, same type of energy coming back to the one that caused it. It implies that absolutely nothing exists,
which does not comply with the law of cause and effect.

Trump’s Karma:
Donald Trump, one who glorifies in being praised and admired has the lowest approval rating of any American
president in history.
Donald Trump is the only US president since World War I not considered the leader of the free world and the
list goes on and on.
His proposed legislation to “Repeal and Replace” Obamacare is being rejected by his own party. He now has a
new obsession that needs placating: Revenge on those who would deny him revenge on Barack Obama.

His most obnoxious proposed legislation to date is to cut Medicaid by 800 Billion dollars. This is a blow to the
least among us, the poor, the elderly, the handicapped the mentally challenged, women’s health, and babies born
with birth defects.

Bad Karma is God’s revenge for willful sinful acts.
Bad Karma is God’s revenge
for willful sinful acts.

By Walter Smith, Publisher New York Beacon