Donald Trump needs to shut the f*** up about the “Mess” he
“Inherited” from Barack Obama. In this case “Inherit” is open to
interpretation. He didn’t inherit a damned thing he pursued the office
of president of the United Stated and captured it with a series of lies
and bullying from the primaries through the general election.

Trump was not recruited to run for president of the US, no one
encouraged him to do so. It was Trump  on an escalator who
convinced himself for whatever reasons that America and the world
needed him as president of the United States of America.

At the 2016 Republican Convention, Donald J. Trump told the
American people  that “the nation is in crisis and that attacks on
police and terrorism threaten the American way of life.” That the
United States suffers from domestic disaster, and international
humiliation. That it is full of shuttered factories and crushed
communities. That it is beset by “poverty and violence at home” and
“war and destruction abroad.” I am your voice, said Trump. “I alone
can fix it. I will restore law and order”.  He also said, “Nobody knows
the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it…. I am your
voice.”  “Politicians have used you and stolen your votes. They have
given you nothing. I will give you everything. I will give you what you’
ve been looking for for 50 years. I’m the only one.”

He also said,  “Iran is on the path to nuclear weapons. Syria is
engulfed in civil war and a refugee crisis that now threatens the
West.” He continued, “After fifteen years of wars in the Middle East,
after trillions of dollars spent and thousands of lives lost, the situation
is worse than it has ever been before.”  “We are going to defeat the
barbarians of ISIS and we are going to defeat them fast.”  “I’m with
you, and I will fight for you, and I will win for you!”  “I will make America
strong again. I will make America proud again. I will make America
Safe again. I will make America great again!” He did not appeal to
prayer, or to God. He did not ask Americans for their help. He asked
them to place their faith in him.

The current crisis in Iran and Syria did not come as an added burden
to Trump’s administration; he knew it when he was running for office.

Now as president he says:  “I inherited a mess. It's a mess. At home
and abroad, a mess  we'll take care of it folks. We're going to take
care of it all. I just want to let you know, I inherited a mess."

Did Donald Trump inherit 'a mess' from Barack Obama? I think not.

President Barack Obama prevented the Great Recession from
spiraling into a full-blown depression.
By the time Obama was inaugurated in 2009, the unemployment rate
had spiked from 5 percent to 7.8 percent, on its way to 10 percent a
few months later. A rising tide of middle-class families were losing
homes, turning to food stamps and seeking government-sponsored
health care for the first time.
Yet Obama handed Trump the reins of an economy with a 4.7
percent unemployment rate; 75 consecutive months of job growth;
rising stock prices, home values, corporate profits and consumer
confidence; low inflation; and, following several years of sluggish
income growth, a record spike in middle-class incomes.

In 2016, increases in hourly earnings accelerated, which, when
combined with increased rates of employment, helped boost overall
household incomes. Real household debt is lower than it was in 2006.
"As 2016 ends, the U.S. labor market is in its best shape since the
recession, with nearly every measure of the market at its most
favorable level in years.
Obama left the economy in much better shape than he inherited it,
even if it remains imperfect for every American.

In terms of foreign crisis’s, Iran and Syria are not unique for Trump. In
1962 when Trump was 16 years old, JFK was faced with the Cuban
Missile Crisis. JFK never blamed it on Dwight Eisenhower. In 1985
Ronald Reagan was faced with the TWA hijacking, he didn’t blame it
on Jimmy Carter.  Lyndon B. Johnson was faced with back-to-back
crisis in 1967 the Israeli six day war and in 1968 the Pueblo seizure
he didn’t blame it on neither Kennedy nor Eisenhower. In 1979 Jimmy
Carter had to face the Iran Hostage crisis, he didn’t blame it on
Gerald Ford or Richard Nixon.  Each US president took responsibility
for the issues on their watch and dealt with them based on their
assessment of the situation.

Donald Trump has a different agenda. Discredit Barack Obama at all
costs and include every other person of color who served in his
administration.  With Trump its not “America First”, it’s Obama first.
He is possessed with excuses based on “Obama did this”, “Obama
did that”, Obama, Obama”.

Among Trump’s lies and innuendos are: “ Obama was born in
Kenya”. “Obamacare means death panels. Climate change is a hoax.
Immigrants are streaming across the border. Voter fraud is rampant.
The government is coming to take your guns. Welfare recipients are
regularly dining on lobster, lazily enjoying handouts while you work
hard. Bathrooms are dangerous because of trans people.
“Putin has been a leader far more than our president has been."  
“Sadly, because president Obama has done such a poor job as
president, you won’t see another black president for generations!”  "I
think he’s the worst president, maybe, in the history of our country. I
think he's been a disaster. He's been weak, he's been ineffective. I
believe I know far more about foreign policy than he knows”.

So Trump’s real problem is that he is a political neophyte engaged in
on-the-job training, not listening instead doing all the talking, seeing
the world’s problem as the result of Barack Obama being president of
the United States of America. He does not have the balls to face up to
and resolve crisis as did president Obama nor previous presidents.
He is relying on blaming Obama and letting the crisis play out
however it will.
Donald Trump, A
Whining US President