“There’s no question MS-13 still exists in Suffolk County,” Sini said Thursday at a press
conference. “This is a long-term war and make no mistake about it – it’s a war. It’s all
hands on deck until we solve these murders.”

Sini said the murders occurred within the past few days but declined to give an exact
timeframe or released the identities of the victims.

“They all suffered from significant trauma throughout their body. It appears they were
killed with a sharp or edged instrument,” Sini said. “We will confirm the manner in which
they were killed is consistent with the modus operandi of MS-13. We are clearly looking
into that possibility although we have not ruled out other possibilities at this point.”

Two of the men were 18 years old and the others were 16 and 20, according to Sini.

Local authorities are working closely with the FBI and are offering a $25,000 cash reward
for information that leads to an arrest in the case.

Police confirmed Thursday morning that George Tigre, 18, and Justin Llivicura, 17, were
among the dead, family members told The Post.

Tigre’s brother, William, showed up at the park — which was being scoured by police
Thursday — with Llivicura’s mother in search of answers.

“Tuesday night, my brother George left home and he never came back,” William, 21,
said. “He was with two friends who are also missing. One was a member of MS-13,” he
added, referring to his brother’s pal Alex Ruiz.

William said he believes MS-13 — the vicious El Salvadorian gang which has a
stronghold in Suffolk County — is responsible for his brother’s death.

“He called me, the friend in MS-13, he called me last night at 6:30 and told me my brother
is here,” William said.

Ruiz told William that he “escaped from the car. He said he saw my brother being killed.
He told me my brother was here. He gave me this address [to the park].”

William said he checked George’s computer and found messages from him that said, “I
don’t want to do these things anymore. I want out.”

Frany Nova, who also visited the park Thursday, said she was “praying” her son William
Benitez, 21, wasn’t one of the men who were killed.

“I’m really scared. I am just praying it’s not him,” the worried mother said. “I haven’t seen
him in two days. I FaceTimed him yesterday and he was in an area that looked just like
this. It was a playground. The last thing he said was he would call his sister and pick up
his daughter.”

She said he called his sister at midnight – but never showed up to pick up his 4-year-old

“He doesn’t answer my calls. This isn’t like him,” Nova said.

The location where the bodies were found is not far from the park in Brentwood where
two 16-year-old girls were found dead under similar circumstances last September.

Ten illegal immigrants with ties to the murderous MS-13 gang were arrested last month
and charged with those killings – which led to the discovery of the skeletal remains of
three teens also killed by the gang members.

One of the accused gangbangers, Edwin Antonio “Strong” Amaya-Sanchez, a leader of
an MS-13 chapter, was deported in 2010 but sneaked back into the country four years

Rampant gang violence in the Northern Triangle – made up of El Salvador, Honduras and
Guatemala – has caused an influx in immigrants to flee for safety to the US, The Post
reported Thursday.

But with them have also come illegal-immigrant gang members, including those with MS-
13, a transnational crime organization that now has violent ties all over the US.
Four bodies found in
park likely beaten to
death by MS-13,
relatives say