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Missouri police plan for
possible riots if Brown cop not
Police and elected officials are meeting regularly with multi-racial citizen groups in
a bid to improve community relations, tackle concerns about police
discrimination, and avoid the turmoil that followed Brown's shooting. Civil unrest
is still the "worst case scenario", Knowles said.

Adam Weinstein, co-owner of County Guns, said sales were up 50 percent since
Brown's shooting, mostly among white residents fearful of riots who are buying
Glock, Springfield and Smith & Wesson handguns, and shotguns. "They are afraid
the city is going to explode," Weinstein said, a former member of the U.S. Navy
and St. Louis firefighter with heavily tattooed arms.

At Ferguson Market and Liquor, where Brown appears on a surveillance video
pushing a store clerk before walking out with an unpaid box of cigarillos on the
morning of his death, most of the storefront windows have been repaired after
being shattered in looting.

In August, after Brown was shot, the mood inside the store was fearful. Today, it
is one of defiance. One of the workers, who asked not to be named, said he had
brought his handgun from home to keep in the store. "I'm ready to shoot anyone
looking for trouble," he said.


Many African Americans in Ferguson seem to have little faith in the grand jury
process and expect Wilson will not be charged. It is rare for a U.S. police officer
to face criminal charges after shooting a citizen in the line of duty.

File photo of police guarding the entrance to the St. Louis County Justice
Building in Clayton: Police guard the entrance to the St. Louis County Justice
Building in Clayton, Missouri as protestors gather in the street in this August 20,
2014 file photo. © REUTERS/Mark Kauzlarich/Files Police guard the entrance to
the St. Louis County Justice Building in Clayton, Missouri as protestors gather in
the street in this August 20, 2014 file photo.
"I do believe if Darren Wilson is not indicted you will see a lot of carnage ... There
is a lot of explosive energy," said Tef Poe, one of the protest leaders, sitting in a
makeshift office close to where Brown was shot. On a wall sits an array of "to
do" notes, top of which reads: "Find Darren Wilson".

Poe, a rapper, was born and raised in St. Louis. His real name is Kareem Jackson.

At a rally held by Black Lawyers for Justice in a Ferguson church last week, eight
members of the New Black Panther Party, a black political group, provided
security. They were wearing battle fatigues and berets.

"We are tired of dead bodies in our community," Mauricelm-Lei Millere, an
advisor to the New Black Panthers, shouted at the audience. "We are not going to
take it anymore."  
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Rev. Al Sharpton cuts ties with
longtime collaborator, attorney
Sandy Rubenstein
Rev. Al Sharpton pulled the plug Tuesday on his longtime collaboration with Sanford
Rubenstein in the wake of accusations that the civil rights lawyer raped one of the
reverend’s most-trusted National Action Network advisers. Less than a week after
Rubenstein was part of the star-studded crowd toasting the reverend’s 60th birthday,
he was out in the cold and feeling the sting of Sharpton’s sharp tongue. “Even if it was
consensual, why would he take a key leader of our organization back to his apartment
right after a fund-raiser,” an angry Sharpton said. “It's disrespectful to our movement,
and the women in our network are absolutely outraged."
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The NYPD is dealing with yet another embarrassing video raising questions about
police actions.
And in response to the incident, which happened in Bedford-Stuyvesant, the
department suspended one officer and took a second one off the streets.

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Police brutality and use of
deadly force continues in
Ebola patient Thomas
Eric Duncan dies at
Dallas hospital
The first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States died early
Wednesday, officials with Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital announced.
“It is with profound sadness and heartfelt disappointment that we must inform
you of the death of Thomas Eric Duncan this morning at 7:51 am.,” the hospital
said in a written statement. “Mr. Duncan succumbed to an insidious disease,
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Study: Black teenagers 21
more times likely to be
shot by police than white
Michael Brown’s death this summer in Ferguson, Mo., raised anew a question long
believed to be true by the African-American community: Are young black men are
more likely to be killed by police in America than white?A new study finds that the
answer is a grim, resounding yes. Black male teenagers are 21 times more likely to
be shot and killed by police than white males, according to “Deadly Force in Black
and White,” by ProPublica, an independent public interest news organization.

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Four common excuses used by "Killer
Cops" in defense of shooting an
unarmed Black Male!
1. We got a report of a Black male with a gun!
2.  I though he was reaching for a gun!
3.  He was advancing towards me with his hands
    in his waistband!
4.  I feared for my life!