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Murder on "Live" TV
Virginia shootings: Gunman ordered to
seek medical help

An ex-TV journalist who shot dead two ex-colleagues live on air in
Virginia had been ordered to seek medical help by his bosses, memos
Internal memos from Dan Dennison, then news chief of WDBJ7, show
concerns about Vester Flanagan's "aggressive" behaviour towards
They indicate the station tried to help him before firing him in February
Flanagan shot dead Alison Parker and Adam Ward at a shopping centre
in Moneta on Wednesday.
He filmed the attack and posted it on social media. ABC News also
said it had received a rambling fax from the 41-year-old describing
himself as a "human powder keg".
The White House said Wednesday's attack showed the need for better
gun control.
Flanagan was hired by WDBJ7, in Roanoke, Virginia, in March 2012
and was known on air by his professional name, Bryce Williams.
Within a few weeks, colleagues were complaining of "feeling threatened
or uncomfortable" while working with him.
The memos highlight "heated confrontations" with camera operators
and producers in front of guests while out covering stories.
By July 2012, Mr Dennison was requiring him to contact the Health
Advocate, the employee assistance programme, or face being sacked.
"We can no longer afford to have you engage in behaviours that
constitute creation of a hostile work environment," he said.
Speaking on Wednesday from Hawaii where he now works, Mr
Dennison said Flanagan had complained of racial discrimination but "all
these allegations were deemed to be unfounded".
He said when Flanagan was fired, he had to be escorted from the
building by police "because he was not going to leave willingly or under
his own free will".
In the 23-page fax to ABC News apparently sent by Flanagan under
his professional name, he complained of suffering discrimination and
bullying at work for being gay and black.
He said his anger had been "building steadily" and that he had become a
"human powder keg" that was "waiting to go BOOM!!!!"
The writer expressed admiration for the teenagers who killed 13 people
at Columbine High School in Colorado in 1999 and said the attack in
Charleston, South Carolina, in which nine black churchgoers were
killed in June this year, was what "sent me over the top".
Late on Wednesday, a representative for Flanagan's family issued a
statement expressing their "deepest condolences to the families of
Alison Parker and Adam Ward".
"Our thoughts and prayers at this time are with the victim's families
and with WDBJ television station family," the statement added.

The Twitter and Facebook accounts of Bryce Williams, Flanagan's
on-air name, have been suspended
Reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward were conducting a
live interview with a guest on tourism for the breakfast show early on
Wednesday when the incident occurred.
Suddenly, shots rang out, and viewers saw the camera fall to the
ground. Screams could be heard and the footage captured a brief
glimpse of the gunman.
The station cut back to the studio - journalists would later have to
continue broadcasting on the deaths of two of their colleagues.
Hours later, the gunman posted footage online of himself opening fire
at close range. This was later removed.
He killed himself after a police chase.
The interviewee, Vicki Gardner of the Smith Mountain Lake Regional
Chamber of Commerce, is in a stable condition in hospital following

President Barack Obama repeated his call for tougher gun laws after
the attack.
"We're willing to spend trillions of dollars to prevent terrorist
activities, but we haven't been willing so far at least to impose some
common sense gun safety measures," he said.

However Republican presidential hopefuls Jim Gilmore and Ben
Carson warned against any rush to introduce tougher gun controls.
"We're not going to let this madman take away the lawful rights of
Americans to keep and bear arms," Jim Gilmore, a former governor of
Virginia, told CNN.
Poll: Biden Beats Trump in Key Swing States
Donald Trump may be currently leading in GOP primary polls,
but when it comes to the general election, he loses to Vice
President Joe Biden in a number of key swing states according to
a new Quinnipiac University poll. Keep in mind Biden hasn't
even announced his candidacy yet.

-FLORIDA: Biden 45 -
Trump 42
-OHIO: Biden 48 - Trump 38
Biden 48 - Trump 40

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are
clear winners in the Democratic and Republican primaries in
Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, but Vice President Joseph Biden
runs as well as or better than Clinton against top Republicans in
general election matchups in these key swing states, according to a
Quinnipiac University Swing State Poll released today.

Hillary Clinton, however, is losing to Republicans Marco Rubio,
Jeb Bush and Donald Trump in Florida.
According to the poll, Clinton and Trump have the highest
unfavorables and ratings on trustworthiness."Vice President
Joseph Biden, who is spending his time in seclusion,
contemplating whether to take on Secretary Hillary Clinton in
the Democratic primaries for president, has some new
information to consider," Quinnipiac University Polling
Assistant Director Peter Brown said about the poll. "In
head-to-head matchups against the three leading contenders for
the Republican nomination, he runs as well or slightly better
than she does."
The biggest victory here is for Joe Biden, who Democrats are
taking a serious look at with Hillary Clinton's ongoing email
scandal and failures as a presidential candidate. This poll proves
he can win, which gives him more incentive to get into the race
and for donors and voters to leave Clinton behind.

Biden is currently on vacation with his family in South Carolina
and will make a decision about whether he'll make a run for the
White House by October.

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Allison Parker
Adam Ward
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