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Celebrate Black History

Carter Godwin Woodson (December 19, 1875 – April 3,
1950) was an African-American historian, author, journalist and the
founder  of "Negro History Week", considered the precursor of Black
History Month.    
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A Valentine For Black Men
It has been a painful few years for young black men in America.
From Florida to Ferguson to New York, our TV screens have
delivered heart-wrenching images. It is a story centuries old of
mothers and fathers crying out for their sons, wives for husbands,
and neighbors for friends whose lives tragically ended too soon.
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Tens of Thousands Join North
Carolina Moral March to Protest
GOP Takeover, Racism &
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Creating a Villain, Spreading a
At a time of slightly buried, but not dead,
southern loyalty for the Ku Klux Klan, D.W. Griffith
directed a film that would refuel the fire under the feet of
racist southerners.
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Israeli Election chief puts
curb on Netanyahu
John Boehner Playing Republican
Politics with international security.  
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Family: Police Killed
Man Execution Style
Man allegedly hurled rocks at
vehicles and officers  
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Indian man sues Alabama
police after alleged assault
A man from India who was slammed to the
ground by a police officer had been singled out by
police after a caller said a "skinny black guy" with
a toboggan hat was walking in the neighborhood
and peering into garage   
Stevie Wonder:
Grammys all-star
tribute is 'emotional'
What 2016 presidential candidates
can't avoid
Voters usually more influenced by pocketbook
issues But next president will have to decide
how America will fight ISIS  
Business Group Promotes
Hot Harlem Market for
Restaurants and Retail
East Harlem Residents
Say Improving Schools Is
Their Top Concern:
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Billie Holiday Theatre Kicks
Off Residency with 'Selma'
Star Wendell Pierce
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Miley Cyrus Screening Bondage
Video at NYC Porn Film Festival in
Black students in New York
City schools still lag way
Harlem Fine Art Show Sells
Over $4 Million of Art
During NYC All-Star
Weekend Exhibition
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Michael Jackson’s death on
June 25, 2009, sent shock waves throughout
the world. “The Man in the Mirror” was
“Gone too Soon.”      
America’s Mayor, The
Hidden History of Rudy
Giuliani’s New York
Rudy Giuliani, New York City's ex-mayor, is
taking insidious and racist pot-shots at president
Barack Obama.His characterization of the
president is disrespectful and dangerous.
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Rudy Giuliani's Obama
outburst is ugly and divisive
By Errol Louis, CNN political commentator
Black Press Salute To Lloyd
As we approach the end of Black History Month a
coterie of friends and associates, both here and
abroad, was eager to discuss the impact of
Williams’ life on their careers, businesses, and
general well-being.
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The Repulsive Rudy Giuliani
Barack Obama has no rights; nor can he attain
any intellectual heights, nor any political
position that Rudy Giuliani is bound to respect.

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