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Black Law
Enforcement Groups
Blast PBA Stance on
Eric Garner Death
Several black law enforcement organizations on Friday called out the city's police
unions over their handling of the Eric Garner case. They gathered outside the
Patrolmen's Benevolent Association headquarters in Lower Manhattan to blast both
them and the sergeants' union for quickly coming to the defense of the officers
involved in Garner's arrest.
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Sharpton Rallies
for Ferguson Teen
Killed by Police
Reverend Al Sharpton said he will attend a rally for Michael Brown in Ferguson,
Missouri tomorrow. At today's National Action Network meeting, he talked
about the 18-year-old, who was killed by a police officer one week ago.
Sharpton says police in Ferguson are engaged in a smear campaign against Brown.
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White Police Officers
Have No Regard For Life
or Limb of Black Citizens
White Police officers around the country have demonstrated over and over again that
they have no regard for life or limb for young Black men. It seems there is no force
too extreme to apply to a black "suspect" including death. Mind you the victim is
usually a "suspect", not a convicted criminal. The act usually is outright murder and
covered up by something in the victim's past.
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How Often Do White
Police Officers Shoot
Unarmed Black Men?
The killing of Michael Brown by police in Ferguson, Missouri, was no
anomaly: As we reported yesterday, Brown is one of at least four unarmed
black men who died at the hands of police in the last month alone.
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Subway Inn, old-time
NYC dive bar, facing
The owners of the Subway Inn, a dive bar that for almost eight decades has
served the likes of neighborhood workers - and, legend has it, even Marilyn
Monroe - pleaded Thursday for city officials and the public to support their
efforts to avoid eviction by a real estate development firm.
The efforts to evict the Subway Inn have gained attention as the latest example
of old New York spots being replaced amid redevelopment efforts.
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Top Dem Axelrod appears
to support Perry, says
indictment seems 'sketchy'
Texas GOP Gov. Rick Perry after being indicted this weekend got support
Saturday from one of the country's most powerful Democrats--  former President
Obama political adviser David Axelrod-- who tweeted that the charge seems
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The Impressive
The obvious comparison for Giants
rookie wide receiver Corey Washington
is Victor Cruz: Both were walk-on
players from obscure football programs
with superb come-from-out-of-nowhere
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The Jet Report
Geno tries for the clincher. Geno Smith said
his goal for this game is to "make winning
plays." If he makes enough of them, the Jets
should end the charade and anoint him as the
starting quarterback.  
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White Policemen Must STOP Killing
our Young Men!
Michael Brown is Laid to Rest
Two uncles remembered how Brown had once
predicted that someday the whole world would know
his name.
The casket of Michael Brown sits inside Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist
Church awaiting the start of his funeral
The funeral that unfolded Monday was about much more than the black
18-year-old who lay in the closed casket after being shot to death by a white police
officer. The emotional service sought to consecrate Brown's death as another in the
long history of the civil rights movement and implored black Americans to change
their protest chants into legislation and law."Show up at the voting booths. Let
your voices be heard, and let everyone know that we have had enough of all of
this," said Eric Davis, one of Brown's cousins.The Rev. Al Sharpton called for a
movement to clean up police forces and the communities they serve. "We're not
anti-police. We respect police. But those police that are wrong need to be dealt
with just like those in our community that are wrong need to be dealt with,"
Sharpton said. Two uncles remembered how Brown had once predicted that
someday the whole world would know his name.
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American citizens nationwide, in the spirit of the Klu Klux Klan, have joined
in an effort to raise funds for the defense of Darren Wilson, the officer
responsible for the police killing of Michael Brown. The same scenario arose
during the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman incident. Those of us who
dare believe that racism is subsiding in America are dead wrong.
In The Spirit of the
Klu Klux Klan
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Two teens killed by Chicago police
Two teens were shot to death by Chicago police in separate incidents on
Sunday after they refused to drop their guns and pointed them at officers,
police and a police union spokesman said on Monday.
In the first incident, gang enforcement officers responded to a complaint of
armed men on a west side block. When officers arrived, one of the men fled
into a passageway and drew a handgun from his waistband, police said in a
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